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Zodiac VX50 4WD


  • For all in-ground pools, surfaces and shapes.
  • Supplied with 18m cable, suitable for pools up to 12M x 6M
  • Cleans floor and walls.
  • Picks up large debris like gum nuts, small twigs, leaves.
  • Picks up fine debris such as Sand/ Algae > 200 microns
  • Unsuitable for dust/silt and other particles smaller then 200 micron. A 100 micron filter canister is available for purchase separately.
  • With the latest innovations such as Vacuum Vortex technology, Lift System, the Vortex VX40 cleans your pool faster and smarter than you have ever dreamed of.


  • Ease to use control eBox.The eBox makes it easy to operate the cleaner at the touch of a button. It indicates when the filter canister is full and also allows you to activate the Lift System.
  • Catches large debris such as gumnuts, twigs and leaves while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle
  • Simple and easy to clean filter canister + Full filter indicator
  • Easy to access and hygienic design allows you to clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimal fuss.
  • Makes this the easiest robotic cleaner to remove for your pool; 20% less effort.
  • Energy efficient, certified to Australian safety standards
  • Plug & play.
  • 150 Watts/Hour energy consumption (less than a LCD TV). Simply plug the power cord to a regular 240V wall socket and press the button ‘Play’ on the control box; The Vortex V3 starts cleaning whilst you can sit back and relax.









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