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Zodiac TRi-PRO

zodiac tripro

TRi-PRO is the king of water care products with a high performance reverse polarity chlorine generator, built in pH control plus an additional sensor that detects the active chlorine level in your pool water.

This product represents the pinnacle of automated water care products, keeping your pool water safe and healthy for the whole family

TRi-pH Water Care System Features

  • Generator cell provides optimal performance, with better chlorination.
  • Automated pH down feeding system keeps your pools acid balance stable.
  • Automated ACL (active chlorine level) detection which only allows the electrolytic cell to operate only when needed thus avoiding over chlorination and extending product life.
  • Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up and keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum..
  • Easy-to-use one touch control unit.
  • Seamless connection to Zodiac Aqualink control systems for a fully automated pool experience.

Zodiac TRi-PRO Advantages

TRi-PRO defines a new era in water care products.

Loaded with features and user friendly operations, TRi-PRO will allow you to enjoy your pool more. The automated pH balance functions means you no longer need to manually add acid to your pool water, thereby eliminating potential acid spill dangers.

Automated ACL detection prevents the cell from over chlorinating eliminating potential hazards. An intelligent control centre and a high performance chlorine generating cell provides a sophisticated system that will keep your pool water healthy and in balance.

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