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Zodiac TRi-PH

Zodiac TRi-PH
Tri-pH is a high performance reverse polarity chlorine generator with built in pH control. TRi-pH is an absolute must have product for any pool enthusiast as it keeps you pool healthy and in perfect balance

pH balance is the single most important element of pool water chemistry.

pH measures the acid or base condition of the water.  The pH scale provides information that lets you know how effective the sanitiser is in the water.  A high pH means that your chlorine is ineffective this then leads to the strong ‘chlorine smell’ known as chloramines.

Why is this important?

If your protective products aren’t doint their job properly, your pool can be over-run by nasty micro-organisims.  Secondly, unbalanced water may be corrosive, resulting in damage to the equipment in your pool.

To keep your sanitiser effective a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.6 is required, TRi-pH will monitor this and will correct it automatically.

TRi-pH Water Care System Features

  • Generator cell provides optimal performance, with better chlorination.
  • Automated pH down feeding system keeps your pools acid balance stable.
  • Easy-to-use one touch control unit.
  • Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up and keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum.
  • Seamless connection to Zodiac Aqualink control systems for a fully automated pool experience.


Zodiac TRi-pH Advantages

TRi-pH provides you with great user friendly features that allow you to enjoy your pool more.

The automated pH balance functions means you no longer need to manually add acid to your pool water, thereby eliminating potential acid spill dangers. Coupled with a high performance chlorine generating cell you have a product that will keep your pool water healthy and in balance.


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