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WATERMAID Salt Water Chlorinator

The WATERMAID Salt Water Chlorinator is an electrical device that consists of two components:

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The WATERMAID Power Pack converts the mains voltage (110VAC / 220VAC / 240VAC) to a Safe, Low, DC  Voltage (8 – 10 volts DC) that is supplied to the Electrolytic Cell.

The WATERMAID Power Supply has Easy-to-Read Chlorine control output monitor and + and – adjustment Chlorine output buttons.

All WATERMAID Power Supplies are manufactured with Self Cleaning Cell Features as Standard.


The WATERMAID Cell is supplied a Safe, Low, DC  Voltage from the Power Supply. As mild saline water pool water is passed over the electrodes inside the cell, 100% Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCL, Liquid Chlorine) is produced and dispersed into the flowing filtered water, back to the pool or spa.


The WATERMAID, Salt Water Chlorinator makes its own on-site chlorine for swimming pools by converting mild saline pool water (about 1/6th the concentration of seawater) into chlorine.

The saline water is electrolyzed as it passes through the WATERMAID cell. As this happens, 100% (NaOCl) Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) is produced for your swimming pool.

Sodium Hypochlorite is chlorine in a usable form which purifies and sterilizes the water.

A Typical Installation Diagram

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The WATERMAID’s 30 Year Proven Chlorination System destroys algae, viruses and bacteria from your swimming pool. Every day of the year your pool remains sparkling clean and clear, for your family and friends to enjoy safe swimming.

The WATERMAID Chlorination system, will drastically reduce purchasing or adding sanitizing chemicals such as liquid or granular chlorine. It will also minimize the hazards of handling and storing of chlorine chemicals.

Not only will you have the peace of mind that the WATERMAID chlorination system is keeping your pool, clean, clear, sparkling and sterile, but you will also enjoy other benefits of swimming in mild salt water, such as,

  • No Sore Stinging Red Eyes.
  • No Smelly or Itchy Skin

WATERMAID, salt water chlorinators are capable of sanitizing all sized pools. One single Watermaid unit is designed for a swimming pool with a water volume up to 150,000 litres or 40,000 Gallons.*

The WATERMAID unit features advanced circuitry that allows the unit to be adjusted and controlled so that you may set the desired rate of chlorine output to suit your pool, thus extending the life of the cell.

You may either set the chlorine control dial to meet the chlorine requirements of your pool and its conditions or adjust the chlorine output to 100% to super-chlorinate!

* local climatic conditions and chlorine demands of individual pools may vary

Download the Product Information Brochure:

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Watermaid Salt Water Chlorinator.
Model: WM10-EZ300 Unit


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Watermaid Salt Water Chlorinator.
Model: WM10-QT300 Unit



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