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Pool Aide offers more than you can ever imagine!

We don’t just give you the chance the experience a clean and healthy pool, but we can provide you options in turning your pool into a luxurious experience for you, your family and your friends.

Our services and solutions ensure you maximise the many benefits of a healthy pool lifestyle.



Whether it is selecting from a spectrum of colours with your new LED variable coloured pool lights from the App on your phone or switching the pool to spa mode and turning on the heating from your desktop or app, before you leave the office or the beach to arrive home to a hot spa or warm pool.

Our services and solutions ensure you maximise the many benefits of a healthy pool lifestyle.


What makes Pool Aide pools feel different?

Our Magnesium Chloride which is sourced from the Dead Sea in Israel ( one of the worlds highest concentrate of Magnesium ) leaves your hair and skin feeling silky and soft as opposed to  frizzy hair and dry skin. In fact it is so beneficial that it is used to soak in bath tubs , spray on your skin and help you sleep. Basically magnesium is used to relieve any type of tension in your body.


Did you know that your body transdermally absorbs up to 400ml per hour through your skin?  Which is why its so important to maintain healthy balanced water. No matter what type of pool you currently have it can quickly and easily benefit from  the addition of this mineral essential to your bodys well being.

You will find Magnesium chloride at health food stores and beauty stands at your local shops. The benefits of adding Magnesium Chloride to you pool are many Protection. Magnesium helps prevent calcium from crystalising and hardening on the pool surface and equipment such as  Chlorinator salt cells.

Just like calcium hardening in your pool system can be resolved with the addition of Magnesium Chloride so can your bodys circulation system benefit from the prevention of calcium hardening in your arteries etc.

From as little as $168 incl GST you can soak up the benefits of this amazing mineral.

Pool Aide believes that prevention and being proactive about your pools care is far more economical than being reactive. Regular servicing and maintenance of your pools equipment and water will ensure balanced non corrosive or scale forming water which is ideal for your family and your pool.

We currently service pools in your surrounding streets, ensuring safe, Healthy Pools year round and we would love the opportunity to assist with your pool.


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