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Vortex-Pro VX50 4WD

Engineered to tackle the toughest pools with its 4-wheel automotive drive system, the Zodiac VX50 4WD tackles any pool terrain, climbs over obstacles and delivers a thorough pool cleaning of floor, steps, walls and waterline.



  • Patented Vortex Vacuum Technology. Vortex Technology provides powerful and constant cyclonic suction. This allows the Vortex-Pro Robotic Cleaner to capture large debris such as gum nuts, twigs and leaves whilst not losing suction power.
  • Vortex-Pro 4 Wheel Drive. Thanks its 4-wheel automotive drive system, the cleaner overcomes all obstacles with an amazing agility making sure all areas of your pool, such as floor, walls, steps and waterline are all perfectly cleaned.
  • Patented Lift System.
  • Enjoy easier removal of the cleaner with 20% left effort.



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