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Zodiac iAquaLink

Zodiac iAqualink
Presenting a whole new way to control your pool or spa even if away from home.

The Zodiac iAquaLink™ is the newest addition to the Company’s line of innovative system to give you the best pool automation you can ever find in the market. As long as you have internet connection, you can now adjust settings for your pool, anytime and anywhere.

Through the iAquaLink™ application on your mobile device, you can select any pool function and activate it. This system works in conjucntion with any Aqualink automation system and upgardes and improvements will be available to future-proof the product. You can even give this system a free test drive.

Visit Zodiac  iAquaLink™ for more information about the Aqualink TRi Four Function Controller & iAqualink.

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