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The Baracuda T5 Duo Suction pool cleaner features an ergonomic design and efficient performance making pool cleaning easy.  Powered by Baracuda technology the T5 Duo Suction Pool Cleaner has been designed to effortlessly clean a variety of pool surfaces with minimum fuss, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Ergonomic Design

  • Ergonomic user friendly design enables effortless poolside operation and maintenance.  It’s fully assembled in just a few simple steps.

A proven pool cleaning workhorse with its robust design, the Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner is a highly efficient suction cleaner with great maneuverability.

The Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner features a hydrodynamic shape that directs water flow, increasing its suction on your pool’s surfaces.

Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner Features

  • Stronger suction cleaning that pulls in difficult debris.
  • Disk structure provides optimal adhesion, whilst it’s pliable inserts scrub the pools surfaces.
  • Free-swiveling inner cassette system increases random coverage of your swimming pool.
  • Quick ‘twist-and-release’ cassette for self-maintenance.

Available exclusively from new pool builders and renovation specialists, the Zodiac Pacer Suction Pool Cleaner is sturdy and reliable for pool cleaning.

Utilising Baracuda whisper quiet diaphragm technology, the Zodiac Pacer suction pool cleaner has no noisy flappers or hammers and features a soft flexi foot for easy surface gliding.

Baracuda Pacer Suction Pool Cleaner Features

  • Only one moving part ‘the diaphragm’ means simple operation and low cost maintenance.
  • Easy-to-replace diaphragm.
  • Easily navigates around steps, ladders and corners.


 Advanced Suction Pool Cleaning Robot

Combat debris with the Baracuda® MX8, the high-performance suction pool cleaning robot that cleans faster and more aggressively than any cleaner in its class. It utilizes Cyclonic Suction technology to capture maximum debris while maintaining cleaning power. The Baracuda MX 8 features X-Drive navigation intelligence for X-treme floor and wall cleaning. No more time wasted battling a filthy pool. Eliminate your call of duty and claim victory over debris.


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