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Puresilk CCS Salt Chlorinator

Clevaquip has been a world leader in automated systems that use salt to create chlorine in the pool water.

Now their patented Puresilk systems not only take salt chlorination to a higher level of technical sophistication, they also introduce a fully automatic dosing system to maintain water balance.

Together these systems provide a level of convenience and water quality previously unattainable in domestic pool water management.

Puresilk CCS Salt Chlorinator

Puresilk CCS: Chlorine Control System

Puresilk Chlorine Control System has two parts. The upright electrolytic cell houses two specially-coated, electrically charges plates. When slightly salty water passes between the plates, chlorine is released. And once through the cell the salt reforms, ready to start the whole process over again.

Managing and monitoring the chloritanion process is a sophisticated microprocessor.

It makes the Puresilk Chlorine Control System the safest, easiest, most natural and most economical way to chlorinate a pool or spa.




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