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Under its Energy Smart Savers program, Ku-ring-gai Council is offering $250 rebates for Ku-ring-gai residents who replace existing inefficient pool pumps with an energy efficient  pool pump (7-star rated and above as listed by This rebate is to support residents to reduce their household’s electricity use and carbon footprint while also saving money on running costs.

Please note:
1. For the best energy efficient performance of your swimming pool pump, we strongly recommend consulting at least one pool pump retailer or manufacturer to determine the most suitable set up for your pool’s needs.
2. Applications for pre-approval for this rebate are open until 31 May 2017 or until funds are exhausted.
3. Applicants will have 21 days from when written pre-approval is provided by Council to complete installation and return the required paperwork (or by 15 June 2017 – whichever is earlier).
4.  Properties that have received a pool pump in the past are not eligible to apply again.

Click here to view and download the Ku-ring-gai Council pool pump rebate program application form  (pdf. 91KB)

This program is funded by Ku-ring-gai Council’s Environmental Levy.

How to apply – rebate application process

Ku-ring-gai Energy Smart Savers Program

Before purchase and installation

1.  Identify an appropriate pool pump for your pool which has an Energy Star rating of 7 stars or higher and is featured on the ‘Pool pump energy efficiency table’ on the Australian Government’s Energy Rating website.

2.  It is recommended you consult at least one pool pump supplier for advice on matching the right energy efficient pump for your pool.

3.  Apply to Council for pre-approval for the pump you wish to purchase and install.

a) Record the electricity consumption of your old pool pump. You can do this by borrowing an easy-to-use ‘Save Power Kit’ from any Ku-ring-gai Library.

b) Receive a quotation for the minimum 7 Energy Star-rated* pool pump.

c) Use these details to complete and submit the pre-approval form (Form 1). Pre-approvals are subject to funds being available.

Please note: You must receive written pre-approval from Council before you proceed with purchasing and installing the pump to be eligible to receive the rebate.
4.  If your application for a pre-approval is successful, you will receive advice in writing along with a reference number which must be quoted in related correspondence and the final rebate application form. From the date of this letter you will have 21 days to complete the installation and submit the rebate application form below.

The installation

The pump must be installed for swimming pool use only and to meet Australian Standard AS 5102-2009.

Ku-ring-gai Energy Smart Savers ProgramAfter installation

5. Record the energy consumption of the new pump using the Save Power Kit from a Ku-ring-gai Library.

6. Complete the rebate application form (Form 2) and submit within the 21-day period.

7. Council officers will conduct inspections of installed pool pumps for a random number of the rebate applicants During these site visits, the Council officer will verify the following:

a) Make and model of the pool pump installed.
b) Power consumption of the pump.
c) View original invoices.

If you have any questions regarding the Pool pumps program or you wish to submit this form, please contact Council’s Sustainability Engagement Officer, Anuj Dhir:


Phone: 1 300 766 524

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