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Astralpool/Hurlcon Viron P280
Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The Viron P280 Vari Speed Pump is designed to save you time and money while helping the environment. This advanced three speed pump adapts to the task at hand while other pumps run at full speed all the time this reflects in decreased operating costs by up to $580 per year, less Co2 emissions in the environment and a reduced noise level.
Video: Astralpool/Hurlcon Viron P280 Product Review
Product Page: Astralpool/Hurlcon Viron P280

Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid Suction Cleaner
Automatic Pool Cleaner

Based on a patent-pending technology that utilizes your water’s flow and converts it into electricity, the Dolphin Hybrid Suction Cleaner can clean your pool fast without spending as much. The water circulation on your pool will power the scanning system and spins the turbines which in return rotates the gears that control the on-board computer.
Video: Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid Suction Cleaner Product Review
Product Page: Maytronics Dolphin Hybrid Suction Cleaner

Zodiac iAquaLink

The Zodiac iAquaLink™ is the newest addition to the Company’s line of innovative system to give you the best pool automation you can ever find in the market. As long as you have internet connection, you can now adjust settings for your pool, anytime and anywhere.
Video: Zodiac iAquaLink Product Review
Product Page: Zodiac iAquaLink

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