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Pool Aide originally started in 2001 as Triclean before partnering with Pool Doctor in 2008 to become Pool Doctor Triclean eventually branding itself as Pool Doctor up until December 2014 when Partner and General Manager at the time Nigel Tang made the difficult decision to end the partnership when the key partner no longer worked in the business. This led to a new brand name Pool Aide.

During the 6 years from 2008 – 2014 Nigel was a driving force in Pool Doctor Triclean’s marketing and branding. Responsible for Shopping Centre information and energy efficiency stalls at St Ives Shopping Village and Northbridge Plaza, Real Estate Welcome Packs for new home owners as well as numerous trade show stands.


It was difficult to walk away from a brand you spend 6 years promoting and developing to then start again with Pool Aide. But we hope that the people we impressed upon with our Values, integrity and professionalism will continue to find those same characteristics combined with a focus on Healthy pools that are viewed in a new light of being not only a source of recreation and relaxation but of rejuvenation also. With the use of beneficial Magnesium Chloride from the Dead Sea in Israel to transform your salt chlorinated pool into a Healthy softer feeling Mineral Pool that helps swimmers to Feel Better!



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