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Solar Heating

solar heating repairOne of the most common forms of pool heating and it will typically extend your swimming season by 3 months. So enable you to probably jump in the pool and month and a half or 6 weeks earlier than your neighbors who may not have solar heating and then probably swim later on in the season by an extra 6 weeks, that varies of course from  depending what your neighbour ‘s __ or your’s is not it does not only extend the swimming  season but also raises the comfort level of the pool during the swimming seasons so you actually can stay in water longer  because if you’re ,what is likes it to be a bit more like a bathtub before you sure jump in then what you want do is have , no not what you want do but you will appreciate or at least she will appreciate  having a warmer water to entice her into the pool. And if you have young children it’s also gonna be very beneficial so that there teeth on chattering and their lips are blue while they are swimming with the big grin on their  face. My son at the time of writing is 20 months old, and he loves the pool and it’s in his vocabulary already Pool but the thing is he can’t stand in the water terribly longer without any heating, he’s got a small body mass, he losses his body heat quickly and that’s why heating was so benefit not only we got  young children that they can stand in the water longer but also typically women tends to be the one would like to be the water temperature a lot higher than many men . Solar can deliver that, it allows you to set a comfort level and the way solar works is that it would divert water through a whole series of black tubes, small tubes on your roof generally and taking that heat that absorbs through the black panels or rubber depending on the shape of the roof and transferring that heat from those  panels on the roof and into the water and returning it to the pool.

The only negative thing about solar heating is although people think it was free, it’s not.

Generally an independent pump, so second pump to boost the water to send it to the roof and  the thing about that is that  operate another pump as well as filter pump having a solar booster pump running  in the day time means that you can’t take advantage of the electricity, you have to run your pumps during the daytime, so you’re gonna be using either between 7am and 2pm, you’re gonna be using shoulder tariff electricity rates and any electricity used from 2pm till 8pm, you’re gonna be paying top dollar with peak hour electricity tariff rate . So don’t be fool into thinking that solar is free because those hours that the booster pump is operating to heat the pool , you’re still paying electricity to do that. Now the key would be to minimize the power required to do that and that’s something that we really have pioneered and lead the industry in is with automation  of control systems and using variable speed pumps and valve actuators to divert water to the solar absorbers on the roof , so that you can either , just utilize one pump or used a variable speed pump that can change it’s speed from high speed to low speed depending on the cycle that  it’s going  through so that it’s just filtering it can run on it low energy efficient speed , if somebody decides look there’s enough heater on the roof solar gain , it will ramp up the speed of the pump, turn an actuator, send water to the roof , get the solar gain add it to the pool, but what we recognize was is that once you’ve got water flowing up to the roof and then coming back down again , you don’t require as much energy to keep that system going , you don’t need to keep that at high speed because what you’ve got is that water coming one side of the roof and you got water coming down other side, the pump doesn’t need the same amount of energy in order to maintain that so we set a priming speed to prime the roof and then it drops down to another speed to maintain that. So that is something unique we really specialize as in with automation systems so that although you have heating and economical cost and we are trying to avoid tariff periods between high tariff goods between 2pm and 8pm and where we can maximize our heating in off in shoulder period tariff  of the electricity. However we want to extend the heating to reach the high temperature, we can always extend it into the peak hours tariff period  but obviously were gonna use the whole lot less energy instead of using 2 pumps we gonna use one variable speed  pump that still gonna be far cheaper than your traditional solar  heating way you’ve got filter pump often feeding water to a booster pump for the solar . But that’s the basis of how solar heating works, it’s fairly  simple, it’s not to be mistaken  with solar  electricity where you have to further take cells on the roof, some people can often mistake the two, so solar heating is different from solar electricity .

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