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Pool Heating

There are a few different heating options for your pool and spa and it’s important to know what those options are and what’s available to you.

The 4 common options for heating are solar heatinggas heatingelectric element heating and also electric heat pumps. Now that’s 4 common options for heating.

Gas Heating

Gas heating it allows you heat your pool on demand quickly anytime of the year provided you’ve got the right size gas heater. It’s not economical to maintain a pool temperature with a gas heater year round or 7 days a week. We find that most people buy gas heater, turn it on, leave it on, and then they got their first quarterly gas bill and then they turn it off and don’t turn it on again. Just make sure you know what your swimming needs. If you’re the type of family that just swims on a weekend and you only want to heat the pool for the weekend, Gas heating is great and ideal for you.  You can turn the gas heater on Friday afternoon heat it up on or Saturday morning to heat it up for Saturday afternoon whatever the case maybe. Depending on the size of PD, you going to need  8 hours to heat that pool up but you can so it year round whether it’s pool party in the middle of winter or you wanted to have a hot spa on a cold winter night . Gas heating gives you that ability to heat no matter what the weather is outside unlike solar, solar is only going to allow you to heat the temperature that‘s on the roof and not even that, if it’s a cold day you’re not going to get your pool terribly warm so solar is no good in winter, Solar heating but Gas heating is not influenced by any outside forces such as the weather. You can heat reliably with gas, it’s the quickest form of heating available so that’s why it’s ideal for having a spa or heating a pool but you want to do it for or just swim for that day or that weekend that’s great but don’t, it’s not the type of heating you would choose if you swim every single day and you want to keep up that temperature not economical to choose gas heating as that form of heating for that.

Solar Heating

One of the most common forms of pool heating and it will typically extend your swimming season by 3 months.

It allows you to set a comfort level and the way solar works is that it would divert water through a whole series of black tubes, small tubes on your roof generally and taking that heat that absorbs through the black panels or rubber depending on the shape of the roof and transferring that heat from those panels on the roof and into the water and returning it to the pool.

Electric Heat Pump

Basically it’s like a reverse cycle air conditioner. It generally have a soft spot and just look like an air conditioning system and it has a gas inside that when the compressor compresses the gas, that gas heats up and produces, that gas gets excited and heats up and enables that heat to be transferred through heat exchanges to exchange that heat and transfer to the pool water that’s being pump through it.

Electric Element Heating

This heater is typically use  on indoor pools and require 3 phase power so right there you need to have right power requirements, it’s not limited to 3 phase power but and it’s not limited to indoor pools. You can use electric heaters on outdoor pools as well there’s a number of pool’s that we have electricity but there not cost-effective to heat big bodies of water and maintain them at least outdoors just the cost of electricity is very high for those so they range in kilowatts that they use and basically it’s like an element in the kettle, we got 1, 2.3 elements that heat up as water passes through they carry that heat off and touch the pool. Very effective and great for spas and pools.

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