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Pool Services


Pool Services

Pump Repairs

We know that preventative maintenance is the most economical way to maintain equipment which is why it is best to discuss any issues with your pool pump as quickly as possible. The pool pump is the heart of your pool responsible for circulating water through the entire system, without this vital piece of your pools equipment operating properly it will only take a couple of days in summer before your pool starts to turn green.



Signs your pump needs repair

  • Pump is noisy
  • Water is pooling around underneath pump can be a sign of the mechanical seal leaking.
  • Pump takes a long time to start-up after its turned on or just will not start can be a sign that the capacitor needs replacing. This is much like the starter in a car motor and can easily be replaced without having to replace the pump.
  • The pump is tripping the power every time it is turned on. This could be a sign that the capacitor needs replacing or that the motor winding has burnt out and needs replacing.
* All pump repairs come with a 3 month warranty on parts. Pool Aide offers different services to provide your swimming pool good maintenance experience. Below are the list of services we offer:
  1. Leak repairs
  2. Pump repairs
  3. Gas heater repairs and maintenance
  4. Chlorinator repairs
  5. Cleaner repairs
  6. Pool light repair
  7. Equipment relocation
  8. Pool control system repair
  9. Solar heating repair
  10. Mineral pool conversion
  11. Chlorine free pool conversion
  12. Energy efficiency pool assessment
  13. Pre Purchase pool inspections
  14. Pool Restoration
  15. Green to clean

Pool MaintenancePool Maintenance

We have an excellent team of reliable, experienced Technicians to solve any problems you might have. From leak detection, to solar heating, to gas & electric heaters, to name but a few.


Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Allow us to keep your pool looking and feeling great so that you can have more free time to relax and enjoy your pool.

We will keep your pool looking cleaner longer!


Pool Services

Pool Leak Repair

Often pool leaks are one of the most dreaded problems facing pool owners. However it need not be. Pool Aides experienced team systematically assesses and diagnoses all leaks to eliminate evaporation as miss diagnosis. It is important to address leaks quickly to prevent any potential damage to your filtration equipment due to overheating which can occur if the water level drops below your skimmer box weir door. This is a common cause of pump damage resulting in hundreds of dollars in equipment repairs.

It is always important to address the cause of your pool problems and not just the symptom. It is common that pool owners will call in their pool service professional reporting the pool filtration pump not working properly. However this may just be a symptom of the pool losing water and the pump having run dry.

For a comprehensive assessment of your pool to diagnose and address your pools water loss contact Pool Aide

Pool ServicesPre-purchase Pool Inspections

Every property on the market features the swimming pool prominently in its advertising. It is obvious from this fact that agents and buyers value the pool as a feature asset that adds value to a property.

Just like a building inspection it can be a valuable tool to get a pre purchase pool inspection to gauge the condition of the pool structure and equipment. Depending on the condition of the pool it can give you a bargaining tool to negotiate with or at least a comprehensive assessment of the status and condition of the equipment and any potential upcoming equipment expenses that may be coming up.
Contact Pool Aide to arrange your pre purchase pool inspection today.


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