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Pool Maintenance

For any work requiring specialised tradesmen, we have an excellent team of reliable, experienced Technicians to solve any problems you might have. From leak detection, to solar heating, to gas & electric heaters, to name but a few.

Whether you require weekly testing, chemical supply or repairs. We can help.

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Services Offered

Pool Service 4 Weekly
Pool Service 2 Weekly
Pool Service Weekly
Holiday Check
Green Pool Clean up
Service Call Out Fee +(includes first 20min)
Installation /Repair per hour
Pool Handover /Health Check
Spa, Heating, Auto control Specialist Service Call +(includes first 20min)
Spa, Heating, Auto controller Specialist Labour Rate
Sand/Media Change

All Regular Services include:

  • Test and balance water quality
  • Pool Vacuum
  • Skim the surface of foreign objects
  • Brush walls, floor and steps
  • Clear all debris in basket and cleaner
  • Backwash filter
  • Clean salt cell or Chlorinator injector
  • Check and lubricate pool equipment

Terms and conditions

  • Charges are based on average size (50,000L) pools, access, standard set up and single filtration system.
  • Additional cost may apply for larger pools, difficult sites or poorly maintained.
  • Charges are based on an adequately maintained pool
  • Chemicals not included in service options.
  • All prices are valid from 1stApril 2015

Rates for New Clients and Current Clients 1st May 2015 Service

  • Weekly Pool Clean
  • Fortnightly Pool Clean
  • Monthly Pool Clean
  • Test Balance &Backwash
  • Service Call-out Fee (includes first 20 mins)
  • LabourRate
  • Specialist Call-Out Fee (includes first 30mins)
  • Specialist Labour Rate
    **Specialist work is defined as Automated Control systems and Gas Heaters


Pool Clean rates are based on an average -size pool of 50,000L with standard set up and easy access.


All prices inclusive of GST

Chemicals are an additional charge


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