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Zodiac Diamond Brite Zeolite Filter Media

Zodiac Diamond Brite Zeolite Filter Media
Zodiac Diamond Brite is the ultimate in high performance swimming pool filter media.

Diamond Brite is a premium  natural zeolite mineral, mined from volcanic rock in Northern NSW.

Using Diamond Brite instead of sand in your filter has many benefits.  It will provide finer filtration, removes ammonia and odours, enhancers chlorine performance and extends the plate life of salt water chlorinators.  Furthermore, you’ll only need to backwash half as often as you would if you were using sand in your filter!


  • The performance of D.E with the ease of sand


  • Improved filtration (3 microns) means a saving in chemical usage and superior looking water
  • Removal of ammonia results in improved swimming comfort with no smell and no more irritation to skin and eyes
  • Increases the time required between backwashing cycles.  You don’t need to backwash as often which will save water.


  • 15kgs is equivalent to 20kgs of normal river sand

15Kg Bag

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