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Gas Heater Repair and Maintenance

Pool Repair & Maintenance

Gas heating -it allows you heat your pool on demand quickly anytime of the year provided you’ve got the right size gas heater. It’s not economical to maintain a pool temperature with a gas heater year round or 7 days a week. We find that most people buy gas heater, turn it on, leave it on, and then they got their first quarterly gas bill and then they turn it off and don’t turn it on again. Just make sure you know what your swimming needs. If you’re the type of family that just swims on a weekend and you only want to heat the pool for the weekend, Gas heating is great and ideal for you.  You can turn the gas heater on Friday afternoon heat it up on or Saturday morning to heat it up for Saturday afternoon whatever the case maybe. Depending on the size of PD, you going to need  8 hours to heat that pool up but you can so it year round whether it’s pool party in the middle of winter or you wanted to have a hot spa on a cold winter night . Gas heating gives you that ability to heat no matter what the weather is outside unlike solar, solar is only going to permit you to heat to the temperature that’s on the roof and not even that, if it’s a cold day you’re not going to get your pool terribly  warm so solar is no good in winter,  Solar heating but Gas heating  is not influenced by any outside forces such as the weather . You can heat reliably with gas, it’s the quickest form of heating available so that’s why it’s ideal for having a spa or heating a pool but you want to do it for or just swim for that day or that weekend that’s great but don’t, it’s not the type of heating you would choose if you swim every single day and you want to maintain that temperature not economical to choose gas heating as that form of heating for that.

Various types of Gas heaters

There are various types of Gas heaters available on the market ranging in efficiency.

Atmospheric Gas Pool and Spa Heaters – such as the Zodiac – Legacy, Hurlcon -MX  heaters , Raypak, Jandy Lite series of heaters

High Efficiency combustion Gas pool and Spa heaters – such  as the Astral- Viron , Pentair -Mastertemp, Zodiac- Jandy JXi series High efficiency heater.

 Hybrid Gas Pool and Spa heaters -which are in between these two such as the Astral HiNRG gas heater.


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