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Astral Hurlcon Viron P320 eVo


The Astralpool/Hurlcon Viron P320 eVo is the ideal for the average sized pool, the P320 eVo has a flow rate sufficient to back wash up to 30″ or 800mm diameter sand filters, provide a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drive up to 6 spa jets.

The large liquid crystal display clearly shows the RPM of the motor and empowers change of the start up preparing time, preparing stream rate, and visual presentation of every rate setting. The inbuilt 24 hour clock is effectively empowered and gives up to four time periods every day with distinctive pace settings to give the ideal stream rate to your pool.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully variable speed from 600 RPM to 2850 RPM allows flow rate to be tailored to your pool while maximising energy savings
  • 8 star energy rating
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Low speeds means ultra quiet allowing operation at night or early morning
  • Low speed means lower pressures extending the life of other pool equipment such as filters and chlorinators
  • Low speed means better filtration resulting in sparkling clear water
  • Programmable time periods and speed means suitable for water features, spa jets and in floor cleaning systems
  • Fully serviceable motor to ensure long life and maximum energy savings over the life of the pump
  • Save up to $1000 per year in operating costs





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