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Chlorinators are essential to the automation of a sanitizer delivery system to your pool, whether it’s liquid chlorine or generating chlorine on site through the use of magnesium chloride and sodium chloride through the electrolysis process.

The difference between the 2 system is basically, liquid chlorine is generated offsite. Manufactured and bottled. You purchase it and you add it to your pool. And essentially your pool has been referred to as a fresh water pool. Whilst a salt chlorinated pool is generating the same chlorine on site, on a daily basis through electrolysis which is converting sodium chloride in hcl into chlorine gas which is then added to your pool when the filtration system is running.



Transform your pool into a luxurious mineral bath. Specially blended minerals are designed to soften your pool or spa water, for a swimming or bathing experience like no other. Swimmers can absorb up to 500ml of water in an hour of pool use and the unique blend of Acqua Therepé can provide health benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system.

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