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Zodiac V4 4WD

Zodiac V44WD
The Zodiac V4 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner is another amazing robotic cleaner coming from Zodiac.  It is suitable for both in-ground pools in any surface or shape.  It comes with a 21m cable which makes it support pools up to 15mX7m.  This robotic cleaner also comes with a super responsive kinetic remote which will let you drive the cleaner where it is needed.

Zodiac V4 4WD Features:

  • The V4 4WD eBox comes equipped with a programmable 7 day timer, cleaning intensity settings, filter full indicator and various error indicators.
  • The patented Vortex Vacuum Technology enables the V4 4WD to capture large debris while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • The ActivMotion sensor allows the cleaner to automatically sense its position in the pool and adapt its path for optimized cleaning while reducing cord tangling.
  • 150 Watts/Hour energy consumption (less than a LCD TV)
  • 2-Year warranty

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