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Dolphin Hybrid Platinum

Dolphin Hybrid Platinum How you clean your pool can greatly impact your overall pool system.  With so many options available on the market when it comes to pool cleaning equipment, the Hybrid Platinum from the Dolphin Swash Family is getting a lot of attention.  This is not just your ordinary suction pool cleaner but rather an innovative self-powered robot that could solve all your pool cleaning challenges.

Based on a patent-pending technology that utilizes your water’s flow and converts it into electricity, the Dolphin Hybrid Platinum can clean your pool fast without spending as much.  The water circulation on your pool will power the scanning system and spins the turbines which in return rotates the gears that control the on-board computer.  This enables the Hybrid Platinum to maneuver quickly and precisely and it has an escape mode that can overcome obstacles like drain covers.  The turbines are highly-efficient when it comes to cleaning as they allow continuous transmission of dirt to the filter and can even handle rough debris like leaves and small acorns.  On top of that, this is the only suction cleaner that has thorough brushing capabilities that can scrub your pool clean from algae and bacteria.

When you are looking for a pool cleaning equipment that is not just automatic but also eco-friendly and cost-effective, then the Dolphin Platinum Hybrid should be the one you are checking out right now.

Product Features:

  • Electrically Self-powered System
  • Drive System
  • Pool Coverage
  • Thorough Brushing Capabilities
  • Cleaning Capabilities
  • Escape Mode
  • Energy Saving
  • Leaf Canister (optional)
  • Has included Accessories


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