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Healthy Pools Feel Better!
Pools have been looked to as a source of healing since Roman times, we transform and maintain pools into mineral pools that are beneficial to your well being. Utilising ancient principals and integrating the latest technology to allow full automation and control of your pool /spa from an App on your phone.

Our Pool Aide Cloud Software solution is the most comprehensive database the pool industry has seen, allowing us to maintain the highest level of customer service;

  • ✔ with complete site history
  • ✔ water chemistry logs
  • ✔ equipment details and photos saving time and money whilst enabling us to deliver the best solutions.


Pool Aide Academy is a learning portal to equip the industry with with training courses to help raise the bar and lift the standard of swimming pool technicians, through affordable, convenient online training and education that employers can afford to invest in for their team to ensure we keep pools and people healthy and safe.


Swimming pools, grounds and gardens should look and feel great. They should be a source of relaxation and recreation rather than work.


To be valued within the community as proactive, dynamic and responsible leaders in our fields of endeavour


      • Reliability
      • Honesty
      • Trust
      • Excellence
      • Proactive


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